You do not need a beauty qualification or come from a beauty background to become a qualified in Microblading.

Once you are qualified you will need insurance. You will need Public and products liability and professional treatments (microblading).

You do not need insurance whilst you are practising microblading if you are practicing on models free of charge (check this).

If you choose to gain a level 4 qualification as part of your training, you will need a level 3 qualification as a pre-requisite.

You must apply for a special treatments licence from your local council to carry out a Microblading business from your home. Each council has it’s own by- laws which you must adhere to.

Microblading is currently un-regulated but it will soon be stricter and eventually all councils will require all Microblading Therapists to have a level 4 qualification to carry out the service in their home. Some Councils have already started to implement this into their by- laws.

DW Pro Microblading training includes a Level 3 beauty qualification and Microblading training for those without a beauty qualification. You can simply complete the DW Pro conversion course when the time comes.