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Microblading Course Kent


Microblading course Kent

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microblading course Kent

DWPRO Microblading Course Kent.

We offer the same quality training course as our competitors but at a lower price.

No travel! Learn from the comfort of your home

Both the theory and practical training can be carried out in your home, anywhere in the U.K, for no extra cost!

100% accredited, insurance guaranteed.

Our Microblading course Kent is pre-approved for insurance and accredited by ABT and Beauty Industry Approval.

With so many Microblading courses on the market, we understand it can be difficult to know which training provider to choose.

How much should I pay? Is a cheap microblading course as good as an expensive one? Microblading course online or classroom training? Will you get insured after completing the microblading course?

You may also be struggling with these questions.

Is Microblading the right career choice for me? Do I need a licence? I have a job; will I have time to study? I have children, how can I attend the microblading course Kent classroom sessions?

Fear not! we can answer all your questions.

Our dedicated team have helped countless people before you to kickstart their microblading careers with microblading training Kent. Consider us a one-stop shop for all your microblading questions and if you choose to sign up for our microblading course Kent , our support is guaranteed during and even after you have completed your training.

Our DW PRO Microblading Course Kent offers you more than just training, it helps you to start a business.

As well as learning how to become a Microblading artist, we will teach you how to attract clients, advertise, and get a licence and insurance for your business, so you can have a thriving business in as little as 8 weeks.


Microblading Course Kent Modules

  1. Introduction to microblading
  2. History of tattoos and & eyebrow Shapes
  3. Anatomy and physiology
  4. Skin types
  5. Pigments, colour theory & blade Selection
  6. Health & safety
  7.  Bloodborne pathogens
  8.  Medical conditions & contra-indications
  9.  Consultation and aftercare
  10. Microblading procedure
  11. Problems & trouble shooting
  12. Microblading business set up & marketing

Microblading Course Oxford

Is Microblading the right career for me?

Microblading is a very rewarding career. For instance, some of your clients will have little to no brows from overplucking or health conditions. During your Microblading Course Kent, you will learn about different types of clients, such as clients who have lost their brows through chemotherapy or Alopecia. In addition and moreover, as a Microblading artist you can literally change someone’s life by giving them incredible eyebrows.

How much should you pay for a Microblading course?

With so many Microblading courses on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose a Microblading training course that’s right for you. Will a cheap Microblading course give me the same quality training and qualification as an expensive one?

The answer is, it depends. Firstly, you will need to consider a few factors.

The area you live in. You are likely to pay more for a microblading course in Kent, or a major town centre. You may think to yourself is it cheaper to do a microblading training course near me? The answer is, if you live in or near Kent, then it may be cheaper to do a course in Kent than pay for travel and accommodation to do one further out

Our DWPro tutors will travel to wherever you are for the Microblading training, meaning no travel costs.

The type of Microblading training. If the Microblading course includes more than just Microblading such as shading, then the Microblading course will cost you more. You should also expect to pay more for machine microblading than manual because you will need to buy a machine which is more expensive than a manual microblading course where you just need a relatively inexpensive Microblading pen.

Is a kit included? A course may appear to be cheap but may cost you more if you need to buy a kit on top of your Microblading course. A professional kit should include a selection of pigments, a selection of blades and everything you need to practice with plus enough products for at least your first 15 clients.

Blended learning courses are cheaper than classroom Microblading training. A blended Microblading course means you learn your theory online and the practical face-to-face, reducing classroom time and therefore lowering the cost of the Microblading course. Blended learning is a great choice offering flexibility for the student and also saving you money. Online courses are almost always cheaper but stay away! Online courses are not insurable; you must do your practical day face-to-face to gain insurance.

In summary, a Microblading course will vary depending on what’s included, where it’s based and what type of Microblading training course it is (machine or manual). Expect to pay for a quality Microblading course anywhere from £1,000 to £2,500 including your kit.

Is a Machine or manual Microblading Training course better?

Microblading can be performed using both methods, but for crispy life-like hair strokes, Manual Microblading is better than Machine. If you also plan to do eyeliner and lipliner or blush training you will need to invest in a machine, so in this case, choose a machine. As a machine is an expensive outlay, the alternative option is to start with manual microblading and invest in a machine later.  You can use the profit from your microblading treatments to invest in a machine when you can afford to.

How much money can I make as Microblading Artist?

Once you start your Microblading career you can expect to earn from £200 to £250 per treatment. After that when you have gained more experience you can expect to earn from £295 – £500. However this depends on where you live and also how much experience you have. In conclusion most artists only need to do a few treatments per week to match their current earnings.

Microblading course Kent

How Does Microblading Course Kent Work? 

Our Microblading course Kent is designed for anyone, of any gender, age or background who wishes to learn the art of Microblading. This is a microblading course for beginners with no previous knowledge of beauty or aesthetics required.

The course covers all aspects of the treatment process including consultation, health & safety and how to set up your business to enable you to perform the Microblading procedure to industry standard.

The theory section of the course is all online and is designed to work seamlessly with PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones so you can study at your own pace, wherever you may be.

The online study materials are easy to follow and after each lesson, you will complete a short multiple-choice test to check your understanding. The tests can be retaken as often as you like to reach the passing mark of 80% or above on each test!

You will then complete three live online practical sessions with the tutor using Zoom, where you will learn brow mapping and practice your Microblading strokes on latex.

Once you have enough practice you will attend your practical day where you will work on your live model. Your tutor will be there to guide and support you through the whole process, so don’t worry!

Finally, you will complete six case studies provided to friends, family or clients where you will complete a Microblading treatment on each of them, taking before and after photos.

Once the photos of the case studies have been submitted and approved by your DW PRO tutor, you will have completed your Microblading Course Kent and will receive your certificate accredited by ABT and Beauty Industry Approval so you can gain insurance to start your Microblading career!


microblading course Kent

Kent Microblading Course Kent FAQ’s


Microblading is the process of implanting a special pigment into the brow area to create life-like brow strokes. Microblading can help create a fuller, more defined brow that looks natural and can last a lifetime with regular top-ups.


None, but you will need a good understanding of written and spoken English to take the Microblading Training Kent. You do not need any prior qualifications or experience; beginners are welcome.


The Microblading course Kent is self-paced, and you have one year to complete the course. Depending on how much time you have, you can get qualified in as little as six weeks. Most students are fully qualified in 8 weeks.


First, you will complete four online sessions with your tutor to practice your brow shaping and microblading strokes. You will then spend one full day working on a live model.


We are the U.K’s only mobile training provider. Our tutors will visit you in your home beauty room, workplace or clinic to conduct practical training.

If you don’t have a space to carry out your Microblading service, then you can train at our head office in Kent, and we will cover your expenses.


Yes. Most students choose friends and family members to be their models if they don’t have an existing client base.


You can purchase a kit for an additional fee. It has everything you need to practice for your course.


Your kit will be sent safely and securely to your home address.

100% cruelty-free high-performance pigments which can be blended together to create a variety of shades for your client. (Pigments meets all U.K requirements). See kit


Yes. Our Microblading Course is accredited by ABT, the U.K’s leading insurance provider and also by Beauty Industry Approval. Accreditation ensures the course meets the industry standard and is pre-approved for insurance with 15 of the top insurance providers.

You will also get 10% off Microblading insurance if you choose ABT as your insurance provider.


Once you have successfully completed the course, you will receive a fully accredited Microblading certificate posted to your home address, which is pre approved for insurance so you can begin your Microblading career right away.


You can sign up for Microblading Course Kent through our website at any time. Once signed up, you will have immediate access to the online student portal, where you can begin your theory training and book your microblading training Kent practical day.


We are the only training provider to offer a Pay As You Go plan, which allows you to pay for the course in small manageable interest-free instalments. Each time you pay, you unlock more course content. You choose when you pay, and there are no commitments or time limits.

Perks of DWPRO Microblading course Kent payment plan

No Credit Check

There is absolutely no credit check, which means zero impact on your credit file.

No Late Payment Fees

If you miss a payment you will not be charged a late payment fee.  We will simply pause your payment, until you are ready to make your next payment.

0% Interest

There is zero interest on all payment plans.


All payment plans gives you precisely the same course and can be completed in the same amount of time. The only difference is the payment is either taken upfront or in instalments.


Yes. You will have access to your personalised tutor throughout the course whenever you need help or support.

Simply message your tutor through the contact tutor button in the student portal whenever you have a question.


Simply book through our website. After booking, you will have immediate access to the online student portal where you can start your Microblading Course Kent.

others questions we can answer, just contact us!

How do I get a microblading license UK?

Is microblading training worth it?

Can anyone train to do microblading?

Is microblading regulated in UK?






DWPRO Microblading Course Kent

Training with DW pro was really thorough, the online part was in-depth and easy to follow, it was so helpful that Debbie was always contactable, supportive and her coming to me for the practical training made it so convenient! Would definitely recommend!

Jo Spreadbury


DWPRO Microblading Course Kent

Loving the course, Debbie is an amazing tutor. Really knows her trade and knows how to teach it to others (with me having a beauty therapist background) definitely would recommend, choose fast track, well worth it! !

Kirsty Turner


DWPRO Microblading Course Kent

“I’m really enjoying my course at the moment and half way through. Debbie has been lovely and very helpful and always there when you have questions. She reassured you when you feel overwhelmed which is a bit part of being a good tutor!

Sogol Hedayati


DWPRO Microblading Course Kent

I would 100% recommend DWPro! Debbie’s training has been amazing! She is so supportive!! I did microblading on my first client today and Debbie guided me through the whole process and really put my nerves at ease. I’m so glad I chose DWPro to get the training and qualifications I need to be successful in my microblading business. Thankyou so much Debbie. 

Amy Pugh

DWPRO Microblading Course Kent

I would 100% recommend DWPro! Debbie’s training has been amazing! She is so supportive!! I did microblading on my first client today and Debbie guided me through the whole process and really put my nerves at ease. I’m so glad I chose DWPro to get the training and qualifications I need to be successful in my microblading business. Thankyou so much Debbie. 

Amy Pugh

DWPRO Microblading Course Kent

I would 100% recommend DWPro! Debbie’s training has been amazing! She is so supportive!! I did microblading on my first client today and Debbie guided me through the whole process and really put my nerves at ease. I’m so glad I chose DWPro to get the training and qualifications I need to be successful in my microblading business. Thankyou so much Debbie. 

Amy Pugh

DWPRO Microblading Course Kent

I would 100% recommend DWPro! Debbie’s training has been amazing! She is so supportive!! I did microblading on my first client today and Debbie guided me through the whole process and really put my nerves at ease. I’m so glad I chose DWPro to get the training and qualifications I need to be successful in my microblading business. Thankyou so much Debbie. 

Amy Pugh

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Welcome to our Microblading Academy! Our academy is dedicated to providing students with the highest quality training in Microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that creates natural-looking eyebrows. Our course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to become successful Microblading artists. Our instructors are highly experienced and have a passion for teaching. They will guide you through the entire Microblading process, from mapping out the perfect brow shape to mastering the Microblading technique. In our course, you will learn how to use Microblading tools properly, select the correct pigment for each client, and create stunning, natural-looking brows. You will also learn about proper sanitation and safety procedures and how to consult with clients and manage their expectations. Our Microblading course is perfect for beginners and experienced artists who want to expand their skills. We offer small class sizes to ensure that each student receives individual attention and hands-on training. Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion and be ready to start your career as a Microblading artist. Join our Microblading Academy today and take the first step towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in the beauty industry!

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